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Start NOW! Do's & Dont's Tips

So why learn Feng Shui?
Because BAD Feng Shui:
- Breaks up relationships
- Cause death and violence
- Cause loss of wealth
- Create accidents and misfortunes
- Blocks your career rise
- Dries up opportunities
- Cause obstacles to success
- Makes you seriously ill



Using Feng Shui in your home
will help you:

  • Gain wealth and money
  • Succeed in your career fast
  • Keep good health all the time
  • Succeed in your investments and exams
  • Bring up balanced and happy kids
  • Opens business opportunities
  • Be supported by helpful influential friends
  • Gain recognition and prosperity
  • Have successful love relationships


Why should we know our animal sign, our allies, and enemies?

Why is it important, and what does it have to do with Feng Shui?


Each of the 12 animal signs occupies 15 degrees of the compass.

As per the flying star flight, whenever there is a bad star flying in NW, then obviously the animal residing in NW will be negatively afflicted.

You will be able to tell is it’s a good year for you or not, and it also works for the months too.

The science of the Chinese horoscope works hand by hand with Flying star Feng Shui.

Also make sure your animal is not facing the Grand Duke Jupiter in a specific year because that can harm you.

As per the Chinese philosophy, prevention is much better than cure. At least when you know, you can protect yourself with cures and amulets.

In the meantime, if your sign is afflicted, at least one of your allies or friend won’t be. That’s how amazing it is.

And that’s why one should always carry his secret friend or allies.

You can also place their image in your own personal position in the chart.

Ex: as a monkey, I put the figurines of the dragon, rat, and snake in Southwest where the monkey resides. That way, I get all the protection and everybody’s help  it works!

Knowing your animal sign can also help fix bad fengshui.

Ex: you are a Kua 3 person, East group. But the entrance to your house is facing NW, which, obviously is a west group direction, and in theory, is bad for kua 3.

But if you are born in 1971, and you are a dog according to the Chinese almanac, then it’s lucky for you.

Why? Because the dog resides in NW. therefore, NW becomes a good direction for you. Sleeping with your head pointing to NW will also be good for you if you cannot tap one of your good directions.

Knowing your animal sign will also help you categorize your friends and working colleagues and employees.

Try to surround yourself with people who are either your allies or secret friends. Always check your conflict animal because he will definitely bring trouble.

Every time I have a doubt about someone, he turns out to be my conflict animal. It’s almost unbelievable.

Never marry your conflict animal!

Knowing your animal sign can help you plan your life.

During my experience, I have seen many families where one of the kids is the conflict animal of either parents… it makes life very difficult for them.

I’m 37, monkey. If I have to have a baby, I will have her in 2008 because 2008 is the year of the rat, and the rat is the ally of the monkey. Also note that the year of the rat will be beneficial for the Monkey. Checking the Flying star chart of 2008 will definitely enhance the analysis.