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What is Feng Shui?

FengShui is the science of the environment, that is based on 5 elements.
Our living space is made of these elements;
The way they interact creates either good or bad reactions.
Which will generate either good or bad energy.
This energy is what we call luck.
A correct use of the elements will activate it.
It's about HOW and WHERE these elements are arranged in a space with a specific direction.
Learning FengShui will change your life forever.


-       To be able to determine a house’s luck, and the luck of the person who’s gonna or who already lives in this house.

-       To check the compatibility between them, meaning: is this house lucky for me? Or not? And why.

-       To get to know your own specific luck according to the compass directions,
 and apply it to your sitting and sleeping directions. this is a major point.

-       Find cures for bad afflictions to prevent bad luck

-       Enhance with elements to activate good luck

-     Create happy space.


There are many different schools of Feng Shui.
and many different formulas applied to different configurations:
- Landscape Feng Shui
- Feng Shui of physical space analysis – 8 mansions formula - Kua formula
- The 24 mountains
- Time Feng Shui – Flying Star formula – 20 years Luck analysis
  Annual and Period updates and forecasts.
- The 4 pillars of destiny.

Different services have relevant involvements.
Consultations come in different formats:

- Advising on land/property purchase
- Advising on the Feng Shui of a new construction (never accurate)
- Advising on large projects (malls, centers, resorts, development projects)
- Advising on property 
- Advising on Apartment
- Advising on house design and construction
- Diagnostic consultation
- Meetings with Architects and decorators
- Customized courses
- Conferences and talks



For a long time, FengShui remained the secret of Chinese businessmen. All this has changed now.
In recent years, Feng Shui (Fong Shway, Fong choy, Fung Sui, whichever way you pronounce it),
has become increasingly accessible and amazingly popular.
Throughout the world, this living skill continues to gain acceptance and credibility
as those who benefit from its use continue to spread the word.

Many professionals are discovering that this ancient living skill can be used to stunning effect in a modern environment,
both to enhance productivity and increase profits, as well as to improve health and relationships.

The promise of having good Feng Shui is very enticing indeed, because it is acknowledged that it affects every aspect of our lives.
Good Feng Shui brings wonderful opportunities and opens doors to new directions,
and its incorporation into building designs and interiors has a very significant bearing
on the quality of lifestyle and success enjoyed by the residents.