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The 3 kinds of luck

Have you wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Why are some people born lucky,
with things working out easily for them whereas others have to work hard to achieve little?
Why do feng shui enhancers and cures work wonders for some and achieve less for others?
The answer is really quite simple. Luck as we know it comprises of 3 portions,
namely Heaven Luck (Tie’n Chai’), Earth Luck (Ti Chai’) and Mankind Luck (Ren Chai’).

·    Heaven Luck is preordained and cannot be changed. In a nutshell, heaven luck will determine when you are born, the location, as well as which family you are born into. Thus, our life to some extent is determined by the day, time and place we were born whether we like it or not. Our parents and the country of birth will affect the quality of our life. The pattern of our luck cycles follows a predictable and logical pattern and not on a random basis. The state of our luck will affect our endeavors and quality of life at a particular point in time and not be the same throughout our life.

·    Earth luck relates to the kind of luck affected by our surroundings. Of course, we will not be able to make much change to the major scope of our environment. On a broader context, we can include the social, political and economic condition of the country and environment where one works at and this will affect quality of life. A more prosperous, stable and safe country with a cleaner or better environment will enhance one’s quality of life. Likewise, a poorer, politically unstable, war-torn country, or a dirtier environment will affect one’s quality of life. Again, even the physical landscape of our surroundings will play a part in the landscape feng shui of our surroundings.

·    Mankind luck is created by our behavior, our attitude towards life, as well as the choices that we make along this journey of life. There should not be any doubt that personal effort can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Many people from poorer backgrounds or in a disadvantageous position have turned around their quality of life thru their efforts and attitude towards life. There are many stories of people who have become very successful even though they started off life in a somewhat unfavorable position. Yet there are also many stories of frustrated geniuses that did not make it, despite being given every advantage in life.

However, the practice of Feng Shui allows us to effect changes within the realm of our home, office and personal space. Therefore, even if in the bigger scope of things, our earthly luck is not so good, we are still able to create some positive ‘chi’ thru the correction of our interior feng shui to improve our overall luck. Thus, thru the practice of feng shui, can one make that crucial difference in life, between one that is truly successful and one that average.

The final conclusion is do not despair, as you can still improve your overall luck by adopting the practice of feng shui and ensuring that your personal actions and attitudes create additional luck.