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Millions and zillions of gratefullness to my Lama Lillian Too who got the writer out in me :)
you can find her at
and from there to a whole new world of good life and easy living.


My FIRST one


Published in 2003, my first article included a "pure genius" template,
as a cheat sheet, and is still being used worldwide.
it's Feng Shui in ONE page. 

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Luck always happens at a specific time at a specific place.
There's a proper time for everything.
Using the Chinese Almanac will dramatically
improve your life.

First steps

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Feng Shui is a skill that you develop,
or that develops in you.
You ALWAYS get a reaction! 
Just try it!!

Rituals for love

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You might think it's funny or "stupid",
but some of us would do anything
to make a wish come true :) 

Sacred Healing: The Antahkarana


The Antahkarana is one of the most powerful symbol of healing that is widely used by REIKI healers
the world over and shares additional ways of using it to enhance the chi energy of space,
discovering in the process its close relationship with symbolic feng shui.
Think of it as being part of our spiritual anatomy, connecting the physical body with our higher selves.
This makes it an effective way for the two auras of the self to communicate and maybe that is why
it is so effective as a sacred meditation and healing tool.

Lazy boyfriend


I always make sure to try everything before sharing it.
The Peach blossom formula seems efficient for those
trying to find the right soulmate.
check it ! 

me, myself and my southwest


What Women Want


moving right



- You are about to buy a property, and need to make sure itíŽs the right one for you?
- You are building a big space, and need to make it happy?
- You have a property and need a full luck analysis report?
- You are moving to a new place and need consultancy?


- You have been having repeated accidents and bad luck?
- Are you or anyone around you always sick?
- Did your luck change overnight?
- Do you feel bad energies in your house?


- You've heard of Feng Shui and would like to have brief overview on the subject?
- You are a student and need a crash course?
- Yearly updates. Time FengShui.
- You believe in energies, and would like to learn how to improve your own Feng Shui?
- Learn how to improve your health, wealth, prosperity, and career luck.
- Basic Feng Shui
- Do your own Feng Shui (the best and most efficient way) with full assistance.
Bring your own floor plan drawing and some pictures of your place and get all the secrets to make it a balanced and positive place.
Get all the bank of information about your house, and family and jump-start the luck in no time.