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Luck distribution, cures and remedies in 2017

Flying Stars is known to be the most accurate, efficient, and FASTEST formula in Feng Shui. 

"... It's just like magic... you MUST try it to believe it..." 


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (crap-free):

(Forget the theories. We don't care about the theory behind the formulas and equations behind E=MC2!!!)


-  Our space (any space: our house, room, office...) is divided in 8 (like a pizza),

   each with a specific element, and number (from 1 to 8), and animal sign.

-  When time flies, these numbers move in that space and create a reaction due to the interaction between the elements.


There are 8 kinds of luck (energies): 4 GOOD and 4 BAD.

They move in a specific cycle in space and time.

(No need to know how) 

The GOOD ones

- Wealth

- Career luck

- Romance and Education Luck

- Personal Growth

The BAD ones:

- Illness

- 5 types of deadly luck

- Quarrelling, obstacles, and lawsuits

- Accidents, violence, and robbery



1- FIRST is PROTECTION: turn the bad numbers off: identify which number is where to remedy the energy.

         HOW? examples:

       - 2 is in north, and my bedroom is north, therefore, my bedroom will be afflicted by illness).

       - 7 is in the center, and the main entrance is in the center, therefore, everyone coming in/out or opening/closing the door, will be under the threat of accidents, violence, etc.

         ..... like this!


2- Once the bad luck is gone, all the troubles are gone!

     The space is HAPPY. Everybody's HAPPY!!!


3- The cherry on the cake: Crop blessings and abundance as much as you can by activating the lucky spots. 


4- ENJOY!!!!!!! 


These numbers will change your life forever, for BETTER.